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Introducing Eull’s Manhole Shield – Superior Manhole Adjustment System

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Turnkey solution combines all structural elements in one package for easy, dependable concrete manhole grade ring installation and maintenance

For years, concrete product fabricators have been trying to build a better “mousetrap” to keep manholes properly maintained and free of water intrusion. Today, Eull’s Manufacturing introduces a superior, turnkey system for final manhole adjustment: Eull’s Manhole Shield.

The new system removes the guesswork from installation and produces immediate long-term cost-savings by simplifying the process for long-term durability, reliability and safety. Eull’s Manhole Shield incorporates concrete grade rings, underground mortar, masonry shim strips and an impermeable I-and-I barrier in a single package, ensuring that installation is correct the first time and requiring less ongoing maintenance.

“Manhole adjustment is an essential part of any municipal sewer and water project, and it can be difficult to achieve consistent results with the variety of products available to city engineers,” said Joe Eull, president of Eull’s Manufacturing. “Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to a project, the Eull’s Manhole Shield is a comprehensive system with high-quality components designed to function with one another. In addition to simplifying the installation and maintenance process, a cohesive system eliminates the variables that can lead to failure.”

The four products that comprise Eull’s Manhole Shield are:

  • Eull’s Concrete Manhole Grade Rings, which allow for precision leveling and maximum strength, and have been the industry’s gold standard for more than 50 years.
  • Strike Products I-and-I Barrier, a polyethylene barrier that is puncture-resistant and prevents moisture and sediment from infiltrating the manhole.
  • TCC Materials Underground Utility Mortar, a prepackaged, air-entrained mortar that’s durable through the freeze/thaw cycle and simply needs to be mixed with clean water. It’s quality control in a bag.
  • High-Impact Plastic Shims, which provide consistent, predictable performance and allow every concrete ring to serve as a slope ring, thereby allowing precise manhole leveling no matter the slope of the street.

Along with best-practice installation techniques, ensuring a proper “fit and finish” is critical for success and durability in any manhole-finishing job. Each of the four components that make up Eull’s Manhole Shield is of the highest quality and contributes to the system’s overall effectiveness. “During my years of affiliation with Eull’s, I have been continually impressed with their commitment to product quality and attentive customer service,” said Jay Palda, president of Palda & Sons Inc., a Saint Paul, Minn. general contractor. “With their new product offering of the Eull’s Manhole Shield, I can see how their product team continues to be innovative in putting the needs of the contractor first.”

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